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This one-time fishing and farming hamlet is now the adventure-sports capital of the country, booming with condos and new development. You’ll find a sophisticated, grown-up beach town, with top-notch hotels, and a beach dining experience second to none (not to mention the best winds and waves on the island). Cabarete is an ideal spot to base yourself for exploring the area – you’re within two hours’ drive of the best... Read More

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$89 Outdoor Activities

Magic Mushroom Canyoning Tour

Canyoning differs from cascading in that it involves rappelling and is therefore slightly more technical and a little slower paced. You will start the day meeting your guide at the pickup location in Cabarete and start out on a beautifully scenic 45-minute drive to the base camp. At the base camp you will meet the other guides who will get you geared up in a wet suit, harness, helmet and life preserver. A quick safety briefing is followed by a 10-minutes drive to the canyon entrance. The trip starts with a couple of easy jumps before you come upon the highlight of the day, the Magic Mushroom itself. Two intense rappels are followed by some great jumps that can be walked around if you are just in it for the rappels. For adrenaline junkies the second rappel can be jumped at 45 feet (15 meters)! After a couple of hours in the river and a 25-minute hike out to the transport you will be ready to head for lunch and the drive back to Caberete, arriving at around 2:30pm in the afternoon.

$45 Classes & Workshops

Dominican Republic Surf Lessons in Cabarete

Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn, an intermediate surfer who wants to get better or a master surfer who needs a “tune up” these lessons are a perfect fit for you!You’ll be able to get back in track or learn the correct way and best way for you to step up into a new surfing level! Your host guide is a surfing legend and local Dominican Victor “Bobo” Peralta! For your lesson you will have 2 hours with an instructor who will evaluate your surfing level and provide you with full theory, wave knowledge and essential surf rules. On your provided surf equipment you will learn paddling, standing and stance position (ocean and surfing safety) and of course how to catch a wave!You will get the most suitable surf board according to your skills and body type.This will help you to improve faster in your learning (surf boards are really essential tools). You will receive professional coaching and supervision, so you will learn the correct and the best way for you to step up into a higher surfing level. Catch a wave in Cabarete!

$130 Water Sports

Kiteboarding Lessons in Dominican Republic

During this kite board lesson, learn how to set up your equipment and go over basic safety information. From there, your guide will teach you all you need to know about kiteboarding! This course will teach you how to launch and land your kite and by the end, you should be able to master the art of controlling the kite on your own!There are multiple departure times available, so once your booking is complete, you can contact the local operator to set up the time of the lesson.

$65 Water Sports

2-Hour Supervised Kiteboarding Lesson in Cabarete

This option is beneficial because it provides supervision and lets you practice kiteboarding still under the school frames but at a more affordable price than the actual lessons. You can practice kiteboarding and improve upon what you learned in previous lessons. Supervision is exactly what you need after your lessons - someone to stay with you and help you avoid making dangerous mistakes. You are able to use the school gear, which are adapted based on the current wind conditions. Please note that you must have the IKO certification, or another certificate of the same level, in order to participate in this supervision-only option. It means that you are able to practice kiteboarding independently but would like to be updated in an unfamiliar environment.

$65 Water Sports

Kiteboarding Equipment Rental in Cabarete

Enjoy with the perfect equipment for you riding session that can be picked up right at Cabarete Beach. Meet at the equipment center in the morning to pick up gear, listen to some brief explanations about the specifications of this Cabarete spot and then go for 2 hours of kiteboarding. Kites, bars and boards of different sizes to provide you the perfect gear in respect of the conditions. When it comes to kites, bars and boards, all gear is Crazfly. Mystic is the brand used for harnesses. All gear is new and often sold and renewed to make sure all kite gear material is in an impeccable state.To be able to rent kite gear, you will need to be able to show your IKO certificate stating your kite level. You need to be able to fly the kite safely, recuperate your board on your own in the water and preferably be able to go upwind. The company reserves the right to refuse renting out kite gear if your level is not appropriate or if the weather conditions do not allow for kiteboarding. Please note that a deposit is required, in case of loss, breakage or theft of (parts of) the gear. You are responsible for the rented kite gear entrusted. If you bring it back ripped or broken, the amount for the necessary repairs will be deducted from your deposit. If any of the kite gear is stolen, you'll need to replace the missing items.

$135 Water Sports

Kiteboarding Lessons in Cabarete

This 2-hour kiteboarding lessons provides the chance to learn the skill of kiteboarding from a certified IKO instructor. It is very easy to set up the equipment, and all the necessary gear will be provided. After meeting up with a professional instructor, learn how to find the right position and launch the kite, as well as how to use hand signals to communicate. The instructors will demonstrate how to adjust power using the bar, allowing you to go fast or slow. Next it’s time to give it a try. The class will prepare you to enter the water safely while controlling your kite and flying it into the power zone. Learn to kite with confidence with IKO professionals and join the kite world now.