Køge Museum

Southern Zealand

Occupying a half-timbered 17th-century abode, the revamped Køge Museum uses state-of-the-art technology to bring to life its local-history artefacts. One exhibition examines the ill-fated 17th-century battleship Dannebroge, while another explores the 4000 BC Strøby Egede multiple-grave site. The museum is also home to Denmark’s biggest coin hoard, a 32kg pile of 17th-century silver unearthed in the courtyard at Brogade 17 by two electricians in 1987.

In Hans Christian Andersen’s day, a local inn was supposed to have had the words ‘God, Oh God in Kjøge’ scratched onto a windowpane. Failing to find the inscription, Andersen vandalised a window himself, writing smugly in his diary about how he had created an inscription for future generations. The museum has that glass on show.