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Okapi Wildlife Reserve

Created to protect the prime habitat of its bizarre namesake mammal, this is one of the biggest parks in DRC. In addition to the okapi, it is home to 17 resident primate species and a fairly healthy elephant population. When this was combined with excellent guided forest hikes led by the Mbuti (pygmies), the result was one of the best places in Central Africa to get the real genuine jungle experience. However, the major attack on the park headquarters at Epulu and nearby villages in June 2012 by mai-mai (community) militia left six people dead and thirteen okapi slain, and hundreds of people were forced to flee the area. A further attack by the same militia in 2015 saw the Zunguluka guard post burned down, and sadly, at the moment it's not possible to visit this incredible place. For the latest news and for information about a possible reopening check out


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