About 7km east of Agios Filon Beach is Afendrika, a major city in the 2nd century BC. What remains is a set of contiguous ruins comprising three churches: 6th-century Agios Georgios, Panagia Khrysiotissa and 10th-century Panagia Asomatos. Nearby are the necropolis and what remains of the citadel.

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1. Agios Filon Beach

4.12 MILES

With its soft sand and big, flat sea rocks, this is a fantastic beach some 5km north of Dipkarpaz. It’s also a turtle-hatching beach and a great place to…

2. Golden Beach

6.01 MILES

Possibly the best on the island, Golden Beach is worth the trip to the Karpas in itself. Its white-sand dunes and gentle curves meet the calm, clear sea,…

3. Monastery of Apostolos Andreas

7.58 MILES

It's not as glitzy as other churches, with a plain, small interior holding an iconostasis with some lovely icons from the late 19th century. But the…

4. Zafer Burnu (Cape Apostolos Andreas)

8.63 MILES

A mere 3km from the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas, along a dirt track, is the easternmost tip of Cyprus. From here you can see the cluster of rocky isles…

5. Kastros Hill Cave Tomb

11.39 MILES

Near Kaleburnu (Galinoporni), is the large Kastros Hill Cave Tomb which still has shallow niches carved into the floor where the bodies of the dead once…

6. Agios Thyrsos

13.08 MILES

The church of Agios Thyrsos sits majestically on the seafront, with waves lapping the black rocks of the coast below. Although the church's interior is…

7. Karpaz Gate Marina

13.33 MILES

Yenierenköy's luxury €15 million marina offers berthing for yachties in the Karpas Peninsula. For those not arriving on the island aboard their own yacht,…

8. Basilica of Agia Triada

14.1 MILES

Although only the foundations and a few battered half-columns of this 5th-century basilica survived to show the rough outline of the building, the…