Famagusta Cultural Centre


This centre is a sober reminder of the island’s ongoing separation. It has an audio-visual presentation about Famagusta, but the real reason to visit is for the panoramic views (binoculars provided) across the bizarre barbed-wire no-man’s land to Varosia from the rooftop. Varosia’s residents fled the invading Turkish troops in August 1974 and now, entirely fenced off by the Turkish military, the once thriving resort sits slowly crumbling into ruin as a bitter and stark reminder of the divide.

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1. Folk Art Museum

0.45 MILES

This little museum displays agricultural implements and other ethnographic exhibits of typical rural life.

2. Agios Georgios

2.56 MILES

Paralimni's town square is dominated by two churches both, dedicated to St George. The older church (tucked behind the modern church) was built in the…

3. Traditional House


Although small, this local folk museum is well worth a stop if you're passing through Paralimni – if only for the exceptional enthusiasm of host Andreas,…

4. Palm Beach

3.15 MILES

The best strip of sand in Famagusta, and probably the weirdest beach you'll ever visit. The edge of the sand is rimmed with ruins of hotels with blown-out…

5. Agios Ioannis Church

3.21 MILES

This church sits 120m within the restricted zone of Varosia and although visits have been allowed in the past, presently it is unlikely you will be…

6. Skoutari

3.33 MILES

An isolated cove encircled by a cliff, with hard-packed sand and rocks. Ideal for snorkelling.

7. Venetian Walls

3.63 MILES

Defining the Old Town, these imposing ramparts were constructed by the Venetians in the early 16th century. Although over 15m high and up to 8m thick, and…

8. Canbulat Museum

3.66 MILES

During the siege of Famagusta, Ottoman hero Canbulat Bey reportedly charged his horse at a gruesome medieval siege device consisting of a spiked wheel. He…