Escape Beach

Beach in Around Kyrenia & the Ranges

This is one of Kyrenia’s best swimming beaches. It’s hugely popular and during summer you should get here early to find space. Swimmers should be mindful of the strong wind that can come in off the open water, which also makes it great for water sports (parasailing, kayaking and pedalos are all available here). Facilities offered by Escape Beach Club include a restaurant, bar, showers and, of course, plentiful sunloungers. It's roughly 10km west of Kyrenia.

The sandy cove actually has three other names: Altınkaya, after the rock next to it; Beşinci Mil, meaning five mile; and Yavuz Çıkarma, meaning the resolute outbreak. This was one of the beaches used by the Turkish Army to launch the 1974 invasion. On the road overlooking the beach you’ll notice a phallic-looking monument (known locally as ‘the Turkish erection’) which commemorates the event.