Che Mural


An eye-catching Che Mural – a copy in mosaic of Alberto Korda's famous 1960 photo – lies to the south of Puente Calixto García.

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1. Puente Calixto García

0.04 MILES

If you've only got time to see one bridge (there are 21 in total) in Cuba's celebrated 'city of bridges,' gravitate toward this impressive steel structure…

2. Cuartel de Bomberos

0.09 MILES

This unique firefighting museum occupies a still-working fire station and is staffed by friendly volunteers who’ll show you around lovingly polished…

3. Plaza de la Vigía

0.11 MILES

The original Plaza de Armas still remains as Plaza de la Vigía (literally 'lookout place'), a reference to the threat from piracy and smuggling that…

4. Palacio de Justicia

0.13 MILES

This is one of several impressive constructions on the Plaza de la Vigía opposite the Teatro Sauto, first erected in 1826 and rebuilt between 1908 and…

5. Teatro Sauto

0.13 MILES

The defining symbol of the city according to Mexican painter (and admirer) Diego Rivera, the Teatro Sauto (1863) on Plaza de la Vigía's south side is one…

6. Museo Palacio de Junco

0.16 MILES

This double-arched edifice on the Plaza de la Vigía showcases the full sweep of Matanzas' history from pirate incursions to the cruel reign of slavery…

7. Galería-Taller El Garabato

0.19 MILES

The workspace and gallery of local painter Adrián Socorro is fortuitously located next to Taller-Galería Lolo, inviting you to witness a double-whammy of…

8. Taller-Galería Lolo

0.21 MILES

Imagine. You're tramping through Matanzas' tatty streets wondering whether the 'Athens of Cuba' moniker is just a local joke when you stumble upon this…