Must see attractions in Trinidad

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    Museo Histórico Municipal

    Just off Plaza Mayor, this grandiose mansion, Trinidad's main museum, belonged to the Borrell family from 1827 to 1830. Later it passed to a German…

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    Plaza Mayor

    Trinidad's remarkably peaceful main square is located in the heart of the casco histórico and is the town's most photographed spot.

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    Plaza Santa Ana

    Located on the eponymous square, which delineates Trinidad's northeastern reaches, is a former Spanish prison (1844) that has been converted into the…

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    Casa Templo de Santería Yemayá

    You will need some luck to find this religious center in action. While no Santería museum can replicate the ethereal experience of Regla de Ocha (also…

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    Maqueta de Trinidad

    Opened in 2014 and encased in the beautifully restored Casa Frias, this scale model of Trinidad's casco histórico displays amazing attention to detail …

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    Museo Romántico

    The ground floor of the glittering Palacio Brunet was built in 1740, and the upstairs was added in 1808. In 1974 the mansion was converted into a museum…

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    Museo de Arquitectura Trinitaria

    A public display of wealth sits on the southeastern side of Plaza Mayor in a museum showcasing upper-class domestic architecture of the 18th and 19th…

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    Galería de Arte Benito Ortiz

    On the southeastern side of Plaza Mayor, the 19th-century Palacio Ortiz houses an art gallery. It's worth a look for its quality local art, particularly…

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    Iglesia de Santa Ana

    Grass grows around the domed bell tower, and the arched doorways were bricked up long ago, but the shell of this ruined church (1812) defiantly remains…

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    Museo de Arqueología Guamuhaya

    On the northwestern side of Plaza Mayor is this odd mix of stuffed animals, native bones and vaguely incongruous 19th-century kitchen furniture.