Our Lady of Trsat Church


According to legend, the angels carrying the house of Jesus' mother from Nazareth rested here in the late 13th century before moving it to Loreto across the Adriatic in Le Marche. Pilgrims started trickling into the chapel erected on the site, and then pouring in when the Pope donated an icon of St Mary in 1367 (it's located on the main altar, behind a magnificent wrought-iron gate). The church still attracts thousands of pilgrims each year.

View offerings of votive gifts in the baroque cloister and make an appointment to see the valuable sacral-art collection in the treasury, where you can watch a 15-minute film about the church.

To follow in the pilgrims’ footsteps, climb the Petar Kružić Stairway from Titov trg. It was built in 1531 for the faithful to use on their way to the church, and it's lined with chapels once used as rest stops for the pilgrims. Alternatively, take a quick ride on city bus 2 to Trsat.

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