Rijeka City Museum


Housed in a boxy 1970s structure, this small museum houses ever-changing themed exhibitions ranging from art to aspects of local history. It's not worth crossing town for, but look in if you're up here to see the adjacent museums.

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1. Maritime & History Museum

0.04 MILES

The star of this museum is the building itself, the former palace of the Austro-Hungarian governor. It's a splendid showcase of Hungarian architecture,…

2. Natural History Museum


Located in a very grand 19th-century villa, this museum is devoted to the geology, botany and sea life of the Adriatic area. There’s a small aquarium,…

3. Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art

0.16 MILES

On the 2nd floor of the university library, this small museum puts on high-quality rotating shows, from street photography to contemporary drawings and…

4. St Vitus' Cathedral

0.19 MILES

North of Rijeka's Roman Arch is this unusual round cathedral, built by the Jesuit order in 1638 on the site of an older church and dedicated to Rijeka’s…

5. Roman Arch

0.21 MILES

This plain archway marks the former entrance to the Praetorium, an ancient military complex. Other Roman remains can be seen in a small excavation site…

6. City Tower

0.24 MILES

One of the few buildings to have survived the 1750 earthquake, the distinctive yellow City Tower was originally a gate from the waterfront to the old town…

7. Our Lady of Lourdes Capuchin Church

0.27 MILES

If you arrive by bus, you can't help but notice this imposing church towering over the station. Dating from 1904, its ornate neo-Gothic facade stands…

8. Petar Kružić Stairway

0.36 MILES

To follow in pilgrims’ footsteps to Our Lady of Trsat, climb this stairway from Titov trg, built in 1531 for the faithful on their way to the church. The…