Numerous sarcophagi are scattered about this part of ancient Salona, situated between the car park and the museum. It was a burial place for Christian martyrs prior to the decriminalisation of Christianity and includes the substantial remains of an early basilica.

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1. Tusculum

0.04 MILES

This building near the main entrance to the ruins of the ancient city of Salona was built by the site's ground-breaking archaeologist Monsignor Frane…

2. Salona

0.07 MILES

The ruins of the ancient city of Salona, situated at the foot of the mountains just northeast of Split, are the most archaeologically important in Croatia…

3. Episcopal Centre

0.16 MILES

This section of the ruins of ancient Salona includes a three-aisled, 5th-century cathedral with an octagonal baptistery, and the remains of Bishop…

4. Baths

0.17 MILES

The remains of the public baths of the ancient Roman city of Salona.

5. Porta Caesarea

0.23 MILES

This 1st-century eastern city gate was later engulfed by Salona as the city spread eastwards. Grooves in the stone road left by ancient wheels can still…

6. Five Martyrs Basilica

0.32 MILES

Just outside the ancient walls of Salona is this ruined basilica. It was built on the site of an early Christian cemetery where the remains of some of…

7. Theatre

0.43 MILES

At Salona very little remains of the Forum, the large square that was the administrative, economic and religious centre of every Roman city. More…

8. Amphitheatre

0.48 MILES

Salona's huge 2nd-century amphitheatre was partly destroyed in the 17th century by the Venetians to prevent it from being used as a refuge by Turkish…