Fortress in Mt Medvednica

Image by Nigel Killeen Getty Images

This medieval fortress, just above the city on the southern side of Mt Medvednica, is Zagreb’s most important medieval monument. Built from 1249 to 1254, it was erected to protect the city from Tartar invasions. Today you can see the rebuilt thick walls and towers, a small chapel with frescos and the Shrine of the Homeland, which pays homage to those who died for a free Croatia. On a clear day it offers beautiful views of Zagreb and surrounds.

In July it hosts Medvedgrad Music Evenings, concerts under starry skies with amazing vistas of the twinkling lights below. To get here, take bus 102 from Britanski trg and get off at the church in Šestine; continue on foot following hiking trail (marked 12; from Lagvić to Medvedgrad).