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For over a decade, La Virgen was the premier kayaking and rafting destination in Costa Rica. Dedicated groups of hard-core paddlers spent happy weeks running the Río Sarapiquí. But a tremendous 2009 earthquake and landslide altered the course of the river and flattened La Virgen’s tourist economy. Some businesses folded, others relocated to La Fortuna, and a few held on. Now, independent kayakers are starting to come back and there are a couple of river outfitters offering exhilarating trips on the Class II–IV waters of the Río Sarapiquí.

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Nicaragua Day Trip from Guanacaste

Welcome to Granada, the oldest city in Central America! Our journey starts early in the morning. We will pick you up at your hotel in the Guanacaste area of Tamarindo, Conchal, Flamingo, El Coco, or Liberia and take you in a comfortable air-conditioned minivan to Costa Rica’s northern border of Penas Blancas. (Only one hour from Liberia) We begin by walking through border control, the fastest and easiest way to cross. Our guide and driver will be waiting outside the customs gate. Along the way from Rivas to Granada we will make a stop in La Virgen to see the Big Lake Nicaragua and the magnificent and active Concepcion Volcano in the Ometepe Island. Then, a quick stop for breakfast. Upon arrival we will enjoy a guided journey through the historic streets of the oldest city in Central America. Founded on the shore of Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua) in 1524, pretty-as-a-picture Granada has been settled for over 500 years. The charm of this colonial gem of a town begins in the Central Park Cathedral, a plaza framed by Moorish arcades and populated with splashing fountains, strolling ice cream vendors, and decorated horse-drawn carriages at the ready for clip-clopping along cobbled streets. Around town, we find well-preserved colonial homes in a full palette of tropical colors and historic mansions converted to delightful boutique hotels and fine restaurants. After the city, get ready to explore Las Isletas by boat. The Isletas are a group of 365 small islands scattered about the Asese peninsula. Covered mostly by vegetation, the islands were formed thousands of years ago when the Mombacho Volcano blew much of its cone into the lake, creating the archipelago. Enjoy beautiful scenery, abundant birdlife, and astonishing views over Lake Nicaragua and the nearby volcanoes of Ometepe Island & Mombacho. Our last stop is the active Masaya Volcano National Park to see the crater and possibly lava. Comprising an area of 54 km and including two volcanoes and five craters, the volcanoes have erupted several times in history, and were feared by both the indigenous people and the Spanish conquerors. The Spanish baptized the active Masaya Volcano “La Boca del Infierno,” or, “The Mouth of Hell.” They planted a cross, La Cruz de Bobadilla (named after Father Francisco Bobadilla), on the crater lip in the 16th century in order to exorcise the Devil. At the end of our day we head back to Costa Rica, where our tour ends with drop-off at your hotel in Guanacaste (approx. 20:00hrs)

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Costa Rica Adventure

If you’re looking for a taste of Costa Rica’s world-class highlights but want to keep things spicy with a sampling of hidden treasures, this action-packed adventure tops the menu. In spite of its small size, Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world with volcanoes, wildlife, rainforests, and beaches to explore. This adventure offers a great balance of guided excursions and free time. Optional activities abound — choose to get your adrenaline pumping or take it easy with a stroll through a butterfly garden.