Centro Turístico Las Tilapias

Caribbean Coast

Enthusiastic owner Chito is a passionate naturalist who spent 20 years building and introducing wildlife into a 5km canal system just outside Siquirres. It's now teeming with exotic nature, from birds, turtles and sloths to monkeys, frogs and more; Chito runs tours around his thriving canal network. There's also a tasty restaurant-bar here and some charming rustic cabinas perched above a lagoon and the canals. Take a taxi (US$3) or ask locals for careful directions, as it's tricky to find.

Chito is locally famous for befriending, training and performing with a 12ft crocodile named Pocho who lived on the premises. Pocho died in 2011, and the government has since outlawed crocodile training.

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