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Transport Medellín to Manizales

Your day will start at 7:00 am where you will be picked up at your hotel to be taken to Manizales. Manizales is a city located in the coffee region, which is famous for growing and producing the majority of the Colombian coffee, the best in the world. Even though Manizales is a small city, the real attractions are the natural surroundings like coffee plantations, natural parks and the Nevado del Ruiz volcano (which has been active for about two million years). We also recommend that you go to La Suiza, the most famous bakery in Manizales and they are specially known for the Acordeón (it’s a must try). Assoon as you arrive to Manizales your driver will take you to your hotel.Highlights Hassle-free private transportation from Medellín through the wonderful city of Manizales.Knowledgeable driver for the entire day trip.Have the chance of going on a road trip and experience the astonishing coffee landscape.Get the opportunity to travel by land in Colombia, which is absolutely breath taking.Enjoy a safe and fun trip to your next destination.

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Checklist of Hummingbirds

Day 1.Your guide will pick you up at El Dorado Airport or at your Hotel to take you to Fusagasuga, where are the first farm to visit. There you are spend all day taking pictures and watching hummingbirds fly around you. At the afternoon your guide will take you to Chicaque Private Reserve to rest. Species of Hummingbirds to see: 13Day 2. Early in the morning you are going near to the waterfall In Chicaque Private Reserve to see the Hummingbirds, there you will be until 12 o clock to take lunch and going to San Francisco town to visit the next small reserve to birding. At the late afternoon you are going to a farm to rest. Expected species of hummingbirds to see: 23Day 3. At 4 o´clock you are going to Guasca a small town near to Bogotá, there you will visit a foundation were they take care Andes Bear but also is a good place to birding. At 12 o clock you leave to la Calera to the Observatory of hummingbirds to birdwatching and rest. Expected species of Hummingbirds to see: 18Day 4. You are taking a flight to Manizales early in the morning, our van are waiting for you to take you to Termales del Ruiz, small reserve were are at least 28 species of hummingbirds then you will rest there. Expected species of hummingbirds to see: 28Day 5. The tour comes to end, you have the opportunity to walk around the reserve, bird watching with a Retorno professional Guide and after lunch go to the airport to come back home.