Hépíng Cūn


This compound was a Kuomintang HQ during the war against Japan.

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Nearby Guizhou attractions

1. City Walls

0.15 MILES

The old city walls on the south side of the Wuyang River have been restored and you can walk a considerable way along them towards the train station. In…

2. Tianhou Temple

0.22 MILES

This 'Temple of the Queen of Heaven' is a 16th-century temple complex on the north of the river, and the best preserved of a series built by Fujianese…

3. Xinda Bridge

0.26 MILES

Handsome newer bridge linking Zhenyuan's old and new towns.

4. Tán Gōngguǎn

0.44 MILES

Just north of Wuyanghe Bridge, the splendid Tán Gōngguǎn (谭公馆) is, sadly, shut, inaccessible and unrestored. Festooned with Mao-era slogans, the building…

5. Sifangjing Xiang

0.52 MILES

Four old and well-preserved alleys lead north away from the river: Sifangjing Xiang, Fuxing Xiang, Renshou Xiang and Chongzikou Xiang. Wander along…

6. Four Officials Temple

0.54 MILES

Small, attractive temple on Shiping Mountain, with delightful forest views near the edge of the Miaojiang Great Wall.

8. Zhenyuan Museum

0.59 MILES

The Zhenyuan Museum displays items relating to the history of the town, including stacks of old photos – but the cannon out front is the real prize.