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Sifangjing Xiang


Four old and well-preserved alleys lead north away from the river: Sifangjing Xiang, Fuxing Xiang, Renshou Xiang and Chongzikou Xiang. Wander along Sifangjing Xiang and peek at its namesake Sìfāngjǐng (Four Directions Well), with its three deities overlooking the water, capped with red cloths. Note the magnificently made stone steps of this alley and the gorgeous old residences – a picture at night, when they're dressed with red lanterns.

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Nearby Guizhou attractions

1. Zhenyuan Museum

0.08 MILES

The Zhenyuan Museum displays items relating to the history of the town, including stacks of old photos – but the cannon out front is the real prize.

2. Confucius Temple

0.13 MILES

Now pretty much a block of flats from the 1960s, little remains of the Confucius Temple except for its main facade and the Lǐ Mén (Gate of Rites).

3. Yan Emperor Palace

0.15 MILES

Small, obscured temple dedicated to the fearsome 'fire god' Yan Di (炎帝), a deity in early Chinese mythology.

5. Shiping Mountain Scenic Area

0.18 MILES

A strenuous 30-minute climb up this mountain above town takes you through quiet forest to the remains of the Miaojiang Great Wall and the Four Officials…

6. Zhusheng Bridge

0.21 MILES

The most photographed sight in town, Zhenyuan’s old bridge is a gorgeous and robust span of arches topped with a three-storey pavilion, leading visitors…

7. Four Officials Temple

0.25 MILES

Small, attractive temple on Shiping Mountain, with delightful forest views near the edge of the Miaojiang Great Wall.

8. Xinda Bridge


Handsome newer bridge linking Zhenyuan's old and new towns.