Changchengxiang Great Wall


Running between fields near the village of Changchengxiang (itself named after the Great Wall), this section of Great Wall makes for an interesting excursion from Wuwei. The wall runs for around 600m, a brick-less, tamped-earth fortification that dates to the Ming dynasty. Jump on one of the buses (¥6, one hour) to Changcheng (长城) from the main bus station and ask to be dropped off at the Ming Great Wall (明长城, Míng Chángchéng).

The wall is protected behind a barbed wire fence and you must not climb on it, but it is possible to walk alongside the wall alongside the fields. At the far end from the drop-off the wall widens considerably, where larger structures (possibly former watchtowers) are evident. The official name of this section of wall is the Ming Great Wall – Liangzhou Section (明长城 – 凉州段; Míng Chángchéng – Liángzhōu Duàn).

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