Sera Ütse


From Sera the steep, relentless climb to the yellow-walled Sera Ütse retreat takes at least an hour (look up and see it high on the cliff above Sera; if that doesn’t put you off, you’ll be fine!). At 4140m, Sera Ütse was a retreat used by Tsongkhapa – his drub-puk (meditation cave) can be visited – and is currently home to two monks.

Take the path towards the Chöding hermitage and branch off to the left before you get there, climbing the ridge via a switchback path until you reach the yellow building perched high above the valley. You can also reach the retreat directly from Pabonka’s Tashi Chöling hermitage, which makes for a stunning day-long hike. From Sera Ütse you can continue along a new road to the Dode Valley.

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1. Upper Viewpoint

0.33 MILES

A 10-minute walk from Sera Ütse is this superb viewpoint, probably Lhasa’s most scenic picnic spot. From here a new road continues east down into the Dode…

2. Keutsang Ritrö

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3. Rakadrak Hermitage

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4. Hardong Kangtsang

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Hardong served as a residence for monks studying at Sera Je College. In the first inner chapel, look for a photo of Ekai Kawaguchi, the Japanese monk who…

5. Debating Courtyard

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There is usually monk debating here on weekday afternoons from around 3pm to 5pm, which provides a welcome relief from peering at Buddhist iconography…

6. Sera Je College

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This is the largest of Sera’s colleges, generally accessed from a western side entrance. It has a breathtaking main hall, hung with thangkas and lit by…

7. Chöding Hermitage

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A path branches off the kora (pilgrim circuit) up side steps beside the thangka wall to the Chöding hermitage. The hermitage was a retreat of Tsongkhapa's…

8. Sera Ngagpa College

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A Tantric college, Ngagpa is also the oldest structure at Sera. The main hall is dominated by a statue of Sakya Yeshe (wearing a black hat), behind the…