Keutsang Ritrö


This retreat complex high in the hills above Lhasa is home to 23 monks. The original hermitage lies in ruins in an incredible location on the side of the sheer cliff face. A painting inside the main chapel (to the right) depicts the original. As you leave the complex a path to the left leads to the dramatic ruins, but the trail is dangerous and ends in a sheer drop.

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1. Rakadrak Hermitage

0.33 MILES

This hermitage high above Lhasa has three simple caves associated with Gelugpa founder Tsongkhapa. It's best visited on a hike from Sera Monastery to the…

2. Upper Viewpoint

0.39 MILES

A 10-minute walk from Sera Ütse is this superb viewpoint, probably Lhasa’s most scenic picnic spot. From here a new road continues east down into the Dode…

3. Phurbu Chok Monastery

0.52 MILES

Phurbu Chok Monastery and its hilltop Rigsum Gonpo Lhakhang, dedicated to the popular trinity of deities, are best visited on a hike from Sera Monastery…

4. Sera Ütse

0.65 MILES

From Sera the steep, relentless climb to the yellow-walled Sera Ütse retreat takes at least an hour (look up and see it high on the cliff above Sera; if…

5. Chöding Hermitage

1.19 MILES

A path branches off the kora (pilgrim circuit) up side steps beside the thangka wall to the Chöding hermitage. The hermitage was a retreat of Tsongkhapa's…

6. Hardong Kangtsang


Hardong served as a residence for monks studying at Sera Je College. In the first inner chapel, look for a photo of Ekai Kawaguchi, the Japanese monk who…

7. Thangka Wall

1.24 MILES

Next to some rock paintings is this support wall, used to hang a giant thangka during festivals.

8. Debating Courtyard

1.26 MILES

There is usually monk debating here on weekday afternoons from around 3pm to 5pm, which provides a welcome relief from peering at Buddhist iconography…