Chöding Hermitage


A path branches off the kora (pilgrim circuit) up side steps beside the thangka wall to the Chöding hermitage. The hermitage was a retreat of Tsongkhapa's, and predates Sera. There is not a great deal to see, but it's a short walk and the views from the hermitage are worthwhile. A path continues south around the hillside past a holy spring to a viewpoint that has fine views of Sera and Lhasa beyond.

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Nearby Lhasa attractions

1. Thangka Wall

0.07 MILES

Next to some rock paintings is this support wall, used to hang a giant thangka during festivals.

2. Kitchen

0.11 MILES

This atmospheric monastery kitchen on the eastern side of the main assembly hall is worth a visit.

3. Main Assembly Hall

0.12 MILES

The main assembly hall (Tsogchen) is the largest of Sera’s buildings and dates to 1710. The central hall is particularly impressive and is noted for its…

4. Hardong Kangtsang

0.15 MILES

Hardong served as a residence for monks studying at Sera Je College. In the first inner chapel, look for a photo of Ekai Kawaguchi, the Japanese monk who…

5. Debating Courtyard

0.16 MILES

There is usually monk debating here on weekday afternoons from around 3pm to 5pm, which provides a welcome relief from peering at Buddhist iconography…

6. Sand Mandalas

0.17 MILES

A small building to the side of the printing press holds these three sand mandalas.

7. Printing Press

0.17 MILES

Before leaving the monastery it’s worth having a look at the printing blocks in this new hall. Photos are ¥10. Prints made on site are for sale (¥25 to …

8. Sera Je College

0.17 MILES

This is the largest of Sera’s colleges, generally accessed from a western side entrance. It has a breathtaking main hall, hung with thangkas and lit by…