Dadren Ritrö Hermitage


A 30-minute hike from Tashi Chöling Hermitage climbs northeast up the ravine to the cliffside drubpuk (meditation caves) of Dadren Ritrö. You can see the hermitage from the trail. From here, hardened trekkers can follow trails across the ridge for an hour or two to Sera Monastery or Sera Ütse.

Two dozen nuns live here. The main lhakhang has a spring and a funky painted stone eye representing the guardian deity Demchok.

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1. Tashi Chöling Hermitage

0.44 MILES

An easy 20-minute walk from Pabonka leads up to this hermitage. There’s not a lot left to see but it offers good views. Pilgrims drink holy spring water…

2. Pabonka Monastery

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Built by King Songtsen Gampo in the 7th century, Pabonka Monastery is one of the most ancient Buddhist sites in the Lhasa region. Though one of the lesser…

3. Chupsang Nunnery

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There are some 136 nuns resident at Chupsang and it’s a very friendly place. Visit it as part of a walk from Pabonka Monastery.

4. Sera Ütse

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From Sera the steep, relentless climb to the yellow-walled Sera Ütse retreat takes at least an hour (look up and see it high on the cliff above Sera; if…

5. Rakadrak Hermitage

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6. Upper Viewpoint

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A 10-minute walk from Sera Ütse is this superb viewpoint, probably Lhasa’s most scenic picnic spot. From here a new road continues east down into the Dode…

7. Keutsang Ritrö


This retreat complex high in the hills above Lhasa is home to 23 monks. The original hermitage lies in ruins in an incredible location on the side of the…

8. Phurbu Chok Monastery

1.65 MILES

Phurbu Chok Monastery and its hilltop Rigsum Gonpo Lhakhang, dedicated to the popular trinity of deities, are best visited on a hike from Sera Monastery…