God of Wealth Temple


The small and smoky God of Wealth Temple is dedicated to Cáishén (财神), worshipped by everyone seeking a positive change in their fortunes.

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Nearby Shandong attractions

1. Midway Gate to Heaven

0.13 MILES

This gateway marks the point where shuttle buses arrive from Tianwai Village and where some hikers, seeing the mountain steps disappearing into the clouds…

2. Cloud Step Bridge

0.49 MILES

This bridge was once a modest wooden bridge spanning a torrent of waterfalls.

3. Balking Horse Ridge

0.52 MILES

This spot marks the point where Emperor Zhenzong had to dismount and continue by litter because his horse refused to go further.

4. Five Great Pines

0.58 MILES

This huge pine tree, the last standing of the five ancient pines, was traditionally considered to be among the eight great sights of Tai Shan.

7. Cypress Cave

0.77 MILES

This tunnel of cypresses along the route is fancifully named.

8. Zhanlu Terrace

0.79 MILES

This terrace and viewpoint is the spot from where Confucius looked out over the Kingdom of Lǔ.