Opposing Pines Pavilion


A relatively recently constructed traditional-style pavilion.

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2. Path of 18 Bends

0.11 MILES

Prosaically labelled '18 Twistings' on signposts, the gruelling Path of 18 Bends is an extremely steep 400m ascent to the mountain’s false summit;…

3. Five Great Pines

0.17 MILES

This huge pine tree, the last standing of the five ancient pines, was traditionally considered to be among the eight great sights of Tai Shan.

4. Archway to Immortality

0.21 MILES

This archway was once believed to bestow immortality on those dedicated enough to reach it. Emperors made sure to get off their huge litters to amble…

5. South Gate to Heaven

0.25 MILES

The South Gate to Heaven is the third celestial gate, which marks the beginning of the summit area.

6. Cloud Step Bridge

0.26 MILES

This bridge was once a modest wooden bridge spanning a torrent of waterfalls.

7. Confucius Temple

0.34 MILES

Statues of Confucius, Mencius, Zengzi and other Confucian luminaries are venerated at this high-altitude temple.

8. Azure Clouds Temple

0.36 MILES

The sublimely perched Azure Clouds Temple is dedicated to Bixia. The iron tiling of the temple buildings is intended to prevent damage by strong winds,…