Shandong Museum


The enormous provincial museum, 7km east of the city centre, surveys local culture from the mesolithic age to the present. Its collection began as one of the first organised museums in China in 1904. On display are oracle bones, Qi and Lu kingdom pottery, Han tomb murals and clothing worn by the Kong clan (Confucius’ descendants). Take any one of numerous buses along Jingshi Lu to Shěng Bówùguǎn (省博物馆) bus stop.

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Nearby Shandong attractions

1. Huancheng Park

3.49 MILES

This park on the Hucheng River is built around Black Tiger Spring (黑虎泉, Hēihǔ Quán), which empties into the old city moat through three stone tiger heads…

2. Xinguochan Temple


The oldest Buddha statues on Thousand Buddha Mountain are contained here, in this golden-roofed temple complex.

3. Thousand Buddha Mountain


Beginning in the Sui dynasty (581–618), pious folk carved Buddhas into this mountain southeast of the city centre. The oldest are at Xinguochan Temple,…

4. Ji'nan Museum

3.83 MILES

North of Thousand Buddha Mountain’s main entrance, the Ji'nan Museum has a small, distinctive collection that includes paintings, calligraphy, ceramics,…

5. Daming Lake

4.18 MILES

All the water from Ji'nan’s springs eventually flows into Daming Lake, set within the largest park in the city, with boat rides, paddle boats, temples,…

6. Baotu Spring

4.41 MILES

This park's namesake 'spurting spring' once shot metres into the air, inspiring ancient poets and painters alike. Today, as more water has been channelled…

7. Five Dragon Pool Park

4.51 MILES

These waters swirl up from the deepest depths of all the springs in the city to fill blue-green pools teeming with lucky carp. The park is a serene study…

8. Great Southern Mosque

4.78 MILES

Ji'nan’s oldest mosque has stood in one form or another in the centre of town since 1295. Cover arms and remove hats before entering. A lively Hui (Muslim…