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Central Sìchuān is also home to the giant panda, the most famous face in China. In the south, expect a veil of history and a muted beauty that sees far fewer travellers than the rest of the region.

To the north the visage changes again into a fairyland of alpine valleys and blue-green lakes. Sìchuān’s Tibetan face appears as you venture west. This is Kham, one of the former Tibetan prefectures: a vast landscape of plateau grasslands and glacial mountains where Tibetan culture still thrives and you’re certain to have your most challenging, yet most magical, experiences.

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Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (Xiongmao Jidi), Chengdu, SichuanSpend your morning with the cutest, yet impressive, creatures in China! 5 hours inside the Panda Center, tour through the baby and adult panda areas and visit the red panda section to see these small adorable animals Duration: 5 hoursStop At: Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (Xiongmao Jidi), Chengdu, SichuanSpend your morning with the cutest, yet impressive, creatures in China! 3 hours inside the Panda Breeding Center, tour through the baby and adult panda areas and visit the red panda section to see these small adorable animals.Duration: 5 hours

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Private Day Tour to Dujiangyan Panda Center with Panda Holding

Plan a:  visit Dujiangyan Panda center and one of three UNESCO sites  Dujiangyan irrigation  system -MT Qingcheng or Jiezi old town             At 7:30am, your guide will pick you up from you Chengdu hotel lobby and transfer you to Dujiangyan Panda Center ,Through 1.5hours drive through nice countryside .  you will enjoy beautiful mountain surrounding which center have little tourists and peaceful environment , see most active pandas catch earlier morning time when panda keeper feed them breakfast. also guide take you around see pandas which rescued from wild mountain  , also you can see 10 red pandas when they catch cool weather play around ground .        lunch -- guide will take you to try local food you can feeling free order anything you like ,also guide will recommend best food on there area, you will get special food experience on Panda`s hometown .         after lunch you can choice visit one of three UNESCO site to experience local culture Jiezi old town or MTQingcheng Taosim birthplace  covered by Jungle and temples ,or  Dujingyan irrigation system have majestic bird view of Himalaya mountain and Grand MIngjiang rivers .  how to Choice visit one of it within your limited afternoon time  can based on your interesting  and guide  recommendation   Plans B  Panda keeper and  feeding experience  with  " Kongfu Panda village" visiting          At 7:30am, your guide will pick you up from you Chengdu hotel lobby and transfer you to Dujiangyan Panda Center ,Upon arrival, you will registration dress up uniform going to panda enclosure to clean panda cage gardens to learn panda  personality (clean works can be skipped need your put on special request )feeding later ,you can visit pandas after clean wait for feed pandas on 11am that You will enter a private room to wait for the panda coming forward to the front of the enclosure and to train the panda sitting and waiting food. Then, the staff will show you how to feed and communicate with pandas as if they are your own precious pets.        during lunch time two hours  break we will take your Kong fu Panda old town that you can taste local snacks and visit 300 old years old town enjoy local people`s life        2-3pm  afternoon volunteer cleanup and feed you can options do it or skip it back to chengdu  You will be delighted by these close encounters with pandas!   *Note: 1. Panda feeding requires an additional donation of RMB$900 per person .

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Chengdu Panda Rescue Center Volunteer for a Day Experience

China’s most symbolic animal is now an endangered species numbering just 2,000. Since 2011, the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Center, part of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP), has made a home for injured and elderly bears, treated with utmost care in specialized facilities on a secluded, 126-acre (51-hectare) reserve of bamboo and parkland at the foot of a sacred mountain. Departing from your hotel after morning pickup, drive by private vehicle for approximately 1.5 hours to the non-profit rescue and research center. Receive a commemorative t-shirt, then switch vehicles and ride an excursion bus up to the top of the site, where you can observe resident pandas going about their daily lives.Meet the panda keepers who work to create a natural environment for China’s most beloved animals, and receive a short training session. You can participate in two panda feedings — one in the morning and one in the afternoon — washing and carrying fresh bamboo, and preparing food like fruit, carrots and panda cakes. These nutritional treats are made with shredded bamboo mixed by hand with rice and egg to create a large, solid cake.After your first volunteer session, enjoy your own lunch, provided for you at the center’s cafeteria.Spend about an hour visiting the panda gardens before you resume your volunteer work. Your guide provides a complete overview of panda development so you can understand the bears’ progression from infancy to adulthood. Stop at the sub-adult garden, where the adolescent pandas between the ages of one and five years old hang out. Then observe full-grown giant pandas in the adult area, where the bears can be seen eating bamboo, sleeping and frolicking about. In the afternoon, you’ll help clean the pandas’ indoor and outdoor enclosures, and may perhaps learn to record panda behavior or even assist with weighing the pandas (depending on the caretaker's schedule). After the pandas’ second feeding, take a break from your volunteer duties to walk around the panda center at leisure. You are free to use the computers and watch panda videos at the volunteer service center if you’d like.Please note: The center limits direct contact with the animals to ensure their well-being. The duties of your volunteer service may be changed due to the needs on any given day, and are not guaranteed.After a full day helping out with these impressive animals, you’ll receive a volunteer certificate and the satisfaction of contributing to a great cause. At the end of your tour, you’re transferred back to your hotel in Chengdu by private vehicle.

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Chengdu, Panda Breeding Center, Zhaojue Temple Private Tour

Meet your guide at your hotel in the early morning and travel by private vehicle to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, about a 40-minute drive away. Walk around the non-profit research and breeding facility to observe giant pandas in all stages of development. You’ll appreciate enclosures that simulate their natural environment and meet the expert staff who care for them. Be sure to take some photos of these endangered species — as well as red pandas — eating bamboo, sleeping and playing.Spend approximately 3 hours on a guided tour with China’s most beloved creatures before a 30-minute drive to Zhaojue Temple, en route to downtown Chengdu. This 7th-century Zen monastery, considered a model for many Asian Buddhist temples, was reconstructed during the early Qing Dynasty. Take in the beauty of the tranquil waterways, groves and pavilions as you stroll amid the extensive grounds. After a vegetarian lunch at Zhaojue Temple, drive to People’s Park, the most popular park in Sichuan’s capital city. Here, you’ll find locals who gather to play chess or music, row boats on the lake or dance together. Visit the Match Corner, where older parents meet and post their unmarried children’s resumes in the hopes of making a match with a future son- or daughter-in-law. If you’d like, you can also try an ear cleaning and massage (own expense) before relaxing at one of the many teahouses located in the park. Afterward, walk across the street to visit downtown Chengdu, including the Kuan-Zhai Lane area. Although the name literally translates to 'Wide-Narrow' Lane, both Kuan and Zhai lanes exist as narrow alleyways. Along with a third lane, Jing, these three parallel alleyways are recognized as one of Chengdu’s three historic conservation districts. Stroll down the visually pleasing pedestrian thoroughfare for a glimpse of Qing-style quadrangle homes nestled between fashionable cafés, nightclubs and clothing boutiques. Before your guide delivers you back to your hotel by private vehicle, stop by local street vendors for a snack dinner and sample what local specialties are available around Kuan-Zhai Lane!

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Leshan Giant Buddha, Fishing Village Private Tour from Chengdu

Once you are picked up by your guide at your Chengdu hotel, take metro or taxi to  the modern Chengdu Train Station to catch the high-speed train to Leshan. During the one-hour train ride, you can mingle with locals and enjoy the idyllic landscape of the Chengdu countryside, which changes throughout seasons - carpets of yellow rapeseed flowers in spring, the greenery of rice paddies at summer, or colorful harvesting in the autumn. Once you arrive at Leshan, you will head to the Giant Buddha Park. The Leshan Giant Buddha is the biggest Buddha statue in the world – a 71-meter (233 ft) tall stone statue, built during 713 AD-803 AD by the Tang Dynasty. It is carved out of a cliff face and lies at the confluence of three rivers in the Mount Emei Scenic Area. Mount Emei and the Leshan Buddha were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.You will first climb 300 steps to the top of Lingyun Hill, a 20-30 minute journey. On the way, you will stop to see the Black Dragon Pond and many ancient stone carvings and Buddhist sculptures. From the top of Lingyun Hill, you will view three rivers: Min, Qingyi and Dadu river as they come together and you can explore Buddhist sculptures and murals inside Lingyun Temple. You will then descend along the red sand cliff road to view the phenomenal Leshan Giant Buddha from the bottom, and climb up at the opposite side of the hill.(Sometimes there is a long queue waiting to descend to the feet of Leshan Giant Buddha,in this case,we suggest you to skip the queue,our guide can take you to do river cruise to behold the panoramic view of Giant Buddha,river cruiseis70rmb/person,cost on your own).Then your guide will take you to less traveled path to visit the fishing village and 2000 years old grottoes before leaving Leshan Giant Buddha Heritage Park.Tasty lunch in a local restaurant in the old quarter of Leshan city in included.If time permit,your guide will also show you the neighborhood of old Leshan city before  return to the train station for the relaxing high-speed train journey back to Chengdu.Your guide will accompany you back to your hotel y metro or taxi around 6:30pm.

$108 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Tour: Day Trip to the Leshan Grand Buddha from Chengdu

A private vehicle will pick you up from your Chengdu hotel and take you on a two-hour drive to the Leshan Grand Buddha. Upon arrival at Leshan, indulge in a delicious Chinese lunch at a popular local restaurant. Afterwards, your guide will lead you to the Grand Buddha Temple (Lingyun Temple), located behind the Grand Buddha’s head. Marvel at the elaborate construction of its coiled hair, which is made up of around 1,020 twisted buns. Walk inside and marvel at the intricate sculptures and wall designs of the temple.Then, follow your guide down the trail toward the left of the Grand Buddha. This walk usually takes approximately 30 minutes, but is flexible depending on any rest or photo stops you may want to make. Standing at an impressive 233 feet (71 meters) high and 92 feet (28 meters) wide, it is by far the largest carved Buddha sculpture in the entire world! Admire the grandeur of this structure as it towers over you.Your guide will then lead you on another 30-minute walk up the trail on the right side of the Buddha to reach another temple. Walk inside the Wuyou Temple, a pink-walled building housing an abundance of calligraphic paintings, sculptures of terracotta monks and various other Buddhist artifacts. Follow your guide to the Arhat Hall, where you will see upwards of 500 Arhat statues. Outside the temple, take in magnificent aerial views of the Buddha, the surrounding forest and the Min River, Qingyi River and Dadu River converging below.For an alternative view of the Grand Buddha, take a boat cruise on the river (at own expense). After a full day of touring this World Heritage Site, sit back and relax as your private transport drives you back to your Chengdu hotel.