Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum

French Concession

Repositioned as a museum, this arts and crafts institute displays traditional crafts such as needlepoint embroidery, paper cutting, lacquer work, jade cutting and lantern making. Watch traditional crafts being executed live by craftspeople and admire the wonderful exhibits, from jade to ivory to inkstones and beyond. The 1905 building itself is a highlight, once serving as the residence for Chen Yi, Shanghai’s first mayor after the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

After exploring the lovely garden, head up the steps to a host of splendid ivory and boxwood carvings on the 1st floor, where divine (Guanyin) and semidivine (Mao Zedong) beings are displayed; also look out for the exquisite ivory spider hanging from a web. Further displays include opera costumes and Shanghai dough modelling.

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