Song Qingling Mausoleum

Mausoleum in West Shanghai

Despite the hard-edged communist layout, this green park is good for a stroll. Song Qingling, wife of Dr Sun Yatsen (co-founder of the Republic of China), is interred in a low-key tomb here. She is memorialised in the Song Qingling Exhibition Hall (宋庆龄陈列馆; Sòng Qìnglíng Chénlièguǎn) straight ahead from the main entrance, which resembles a Chinese imperial tomb and houses displays of Song memorabilia (including her black qípáo, a Chinese-style dress).

There's also a photograph of Marxist Westerners reading from Mao’s Little Red Book back in the day when it was cool. The international cemetery here also contains a host of foreign gravestones, including those of Jewish, Vietnamese and Western settlers of Shànghǎi.