Lou Lim Ieoc Garden


Locals come to this lovely Suzhou-style garden to practise taichi, play Chinese music or simply relax among its lotus ponds and bamboo groves. The Victorian-style Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Pavilion was where the Lou family received guests, including Dr Sun Yatsen, founder of the Republic of China; it is now used for exhibitions. Adjacent to the garden is the Macao Tea Culture House, displaying Chinese tea-drinking culture with exhibits of teapots and paintings related to the drink.

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1. Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Pavilion

0.03 MILES

Inside the Chinese-style Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, you'll find this Victorian-style pavilion featuring classical and Chinese architectural elements. It was…

2. Macau Tea Culture House

0.04 MILES

Adjacent to the picturesque Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, this museum introduces tea-drinking culture with exhibits of teapots and 'tea paintings'. The latter were…

3. Sun Yatsen Memorial House

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