Sculpture Factory

Top choice arts centre in Jǐngdézhèn

This tree-lined street, and the pathways that branch off it, form a kind of porcelain-production arts district, which is a centre for contemporary ceramics in China. Some of the world's leading porcelain artists work and teach here and visitors can wander freely around the kilns, workshops and small factories as the latest masterpieces are being sculpted. This is also the most pleasant place in town to shop for ceramics, including tea sets.

While here, ceramics enthusiasts should pay a visit to the Pottery Workshop. Casual visitors can ask to look around. Staff speak English, and there's a pleasant cafe on-site.

Bus 1, which runs along Zhushan Zhonglu in the centre of town, stops outside the south gate of the complex. Get off at Caojialing (曹家岭) bus stop, then walk through the archway opposite.