Changnan Pagoda


Recently constructed old-style pagoda overlooking the river.

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Nearby Jiangxi attractions

1. Imperial Kiln Museum

0.37 MILES

Relocated and rebuilt, this 'Imperial Kiln' site doesn't have a kiln, but there's a modest porcelain museum and a rebuilt pagoda you can climb.

2. Ancient Kiln and Folk Custom Museum

1.42 MILES

A bit like a living museum, this large, nicely landscaped site, known simply as Gǔ Yáo (古窑, Ancient Kiln), contains traditional porcelain-making equipment…

3. Ceramics Art Avenue

1.98 MILES

This large, modern ceramics hub opened in 2016 with the aim of regenerating the city. Built on the site of an old 1950s ceramics factory it features…

4. Sculpture Factory

3.14 MILES

This tree-lined street, and the pathways that branch off it, form a kind of porcelain-production arts district, which is a centre for contemporary…

5. Sanbao International Ceramic Valley

3.15 MILES

About 2km or 3km south of the Sculpture Factory and Ceramics Art Avenue is a third ceramic arts district, known simply as San Bao (三宝), which is strung…