Located near the top of the Bailong Elevator (白龙天梯; Báilóng Tiāntī; one way ¥72), this scenic trail is a succession of one incredible panorama after another: best of all is the No 1 Highest Natural Bridge (天下第一桥, Tiānxiàdìyī Qiáo), a natural bridge spanning two spires, 357m above the canyon floor. Because of its location near the elevator it's quite crowded, but don't let that deter you – the views are simply awesome. You can also hike back down to the Golden Whip Stream from here.

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Nearby Zhangjiajie attractions

1. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

0.65 MILES

Among China’s crop of surreal landscapes, Zhangjiajie has got to be a contender for one of the most impressive. A forest of spectacularly weathered spires…

2. Huangshi Village

1.15 MILES

From the Forest Park entrance, there is an early opportunity for a bird's-eye view of the towers from Huangshi Village, a 3km loop on a plateau 1048m up…

3. Golden Whip Stream

1.16 MILES

On the canyon floor, the Golden Whip Stream area is a peaceful, flat trail meandering 5.7km east from the Forest Park entrance to the Bailong Elevator …

4. Yángjiājiè

1.28 MILES

Located on the backside of the park is this unexpectedly fun hike, which descends into a valley (beneath a cable car) before climbing back up a series of…

5. Tiānzǐ Shān

4.08 MILES

This area is at the top of the plateau near the Wulingyuan entrance, and enjoys many of the park's more spectacular viewpoints. It can be reached directly…

6. Yellow Dragon Cave

10.53 MILES

A 48-hectare cave network that consists of a large number of chambers, subterranean pools, lakes and falls, all illuminated in fancy colours. It's a two…

7. Tianmen Mountain

16.22 MILES

Visible from anywhere in Zhangjiajie City, this distinctive mountain range features Tiānmén Dòng (天门洞), a prominent keyhole cut through the mountainside…

8. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

16.29 MILES

The Grand Canyon's primary attraction is the world's highest (300m) and longest (430m) glass bridge, which famously closed a mere two weeks after opening…