Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island

This crowd-pleaser is best visited on weekdays. Stanley Market is a maze of alleyways that has bargain clothing (haggling is a must!), while Stanley Main Beach is for beach-bumming and windsurfing. With graves dating back to 1841, Stanley Military Cemetery, 500m south of the market, is worth a visit.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island attractions

1. Old Stanley Police Station

0.06 MILES

This two-storey colonial building in Stanley Village is Hong Kong's oldest surviving police station and is now occupied by a Wellcome supermarket. You…

2. Tai Wong Shrine

0.12 MILES

This small shrine near the western end of Stanley Main St serves as a reminder that Stanley was once a fishing village, if nothing else.

3. Tin Hau Temple

0.16 MILES

At the western end of Stanley Main St, past a tiny Tai Wong shrine and through the Stanley Plaza shopping complex, is a Tin Hau temple. Though built in…

4. Murray House

0.17 MILES

Across the bay from Stanley Main St stands this three-storey colonnaded affair. Built in 1846 as officers’ quarters, it took pride of place in Central, on…

5. Stanley Main Beach


Stanley Main Beach is crammed with sun-worshippers, passing windsurfers, and a few serious swimmers. Dragon boat teams practising here on weekends paddle…

6. St Stephen’s College Heritage Trail

0.26 MILES

WWII history buffs can visit the beautiful campus of St Stephen’s College, which sits right next to Stanley Military Cemetery. Founded in 1903, the school…

8. St Stephen’s Beach


A short walk south of Stanley village is this great little bolt-hole that handily comes with a cafe, showers and changing rooms. In summer you can hire…