Milarepa Palace Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple in Hezuo

About 2km from the bus station along the main road towards Xiàhé is this towering temple, ringed by prayer wheels. Resembling a boutique hotel, Milarepa is odd in the Tibetan world in that different spiritual leaders from varying sects are worshipped on each floor. The town’s main monastery, Tso Gompa, is next door. A taxi here costs ¥2 to ¥3 from the central main bus station.

The Milarepa's ground-floor is a powerful spectacle: a galaxy of Bodhisattvas, Buddhist statues and yak-butter lamps illuminating celestial figures. Climb upstairs to a further rich display of lamas and living Buddhas. More deities muster on the 4th floor and an unsettling array of fearsome, turquoise tantric effigies awaits on the 6th floor. The 8th floor houses effigies of Sakyamuni and Guanyin, with views over the hills and town.