Ancient Tombs Museum

Top choice in Henan

This superb but little-visited museum has three main exhibits: 20 reconstructed tombs (spanning five main dynasties, or over 1000 years), re-created using original building materials; original tomb murals; and a Northern Wei royal burial mound. Grab an audioguide (¥20) on the way in and let loose your inner Indiana Jones: stand inside 2000-year-old tombs to admire delicately carved panels and faded frescoes.

If you haven't seen a lóngxǐ (singing fountain bowl) before, it's worth springing ¥5 for a demonstration and the chance to try your hand at making the unique sound and 'boiling water' effect.

Many of the relics from these tombs are kept at Luoyang Museum. Visiting the tombs first makes it easier to visualise the museum exhibits in context.

To get here, take bus 83 north from the train station (¥1, 20 minutes). A taxi will run about ¥30. The museum is about 7km north of town, near the airport.