Twin Pagodas of Baisikou

About 10km west of the Helan Shan rock carvings are these pagodas. You can’t climb them, but they’re an impressive sight against the backdrop of the barren mountains: 13 and 14 storeys high and decorated with intricate animal faces, Buddha statuettes, and Nagari and Xixia scripts. The road leading to the pagodas may be closed due to fire hazard fears, so check ahead.

Take bus Y2 (游二路; ¥15, 1½ hours) headed for the Helan Shan rock carvings from Xinyue Sq (新月广场, Xīnyuè Guǎngchǎng) in Yinchuan. As the towers are between the first and second stops, the bus will only make a stop at the start of the road leading to the pagodas; from there you'll need to walk about 500m.

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