Qīnwáng Fǔ

Top choice in Inner Mongolia

This fabulous courtyard palace is the former home of the local prince, the Alashan Qin Wang. A well-restored, Qing-era complex of buildings and courtyards, the palace has photos of the last prince (1903–68) and his family, plus some of their personal effects, but it's the splendid traditional layout and architecture that steals the show.

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1. Yánfú Sì

0.12 MILES

The original Mongol town of Bayanhot was centred on this 18th-century temple. Completed in 1742, it once housed 200 lamas; around 30 are resident here now…

2. Yingpanshan Ecological Park

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Half of town decamps to this high point at sunset for some astonishing views (if the weather obliges) and spectacular evening fountain shows. Beyond the…

3. St Joseph Catholic Church

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Detached and alone, this twin-spired, brick-built church is quite a sight as you head towards town from the long-distance bus station. Of recent…

4. Alashan Museum

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This superb museum affords a fascinating insight into Alashan and Mongolian culture. English captions are sporadic, which is a shame, but there's a wealth…

5. Guǎngzōng Sì

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8. Helan Shan Rock Carvings

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The most significant sight in Helan Shan is these ancient rock carvings dating from 1000 to 10,000 years ago. Over 2000 pictographs depict animals, faces,…