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Beijing Chuandixia Ancient Village Private Day Tour with Dumpling Lunch

Pickup from your hotel at 08:30 am and drive to Cuandixia Village. It takes one and half hour to arrive at Cuandixia Village from Beijing city. When you arrive there You will first be attracted by its dainty landscapes. Situated in the deep valleys, the village is circled by green pines and verdant cypresses, which make a pleasant shade all around. Green mountains surrounded, streams flowing though, birds flying with melodious sound, the village gives a particular peace.The village layout merges with the terrain of slopes, very harmonic and orderly. When you walk on the old pavements and see the courtyards built one by one, the old Beijing people’s life will come into your mind: a courtyard is surrounded by four houses; a number of courtyards make up of hutongs (alleys). The houses were built with wood and stones, and the steep stairs and streets are paved with rocks; all is so natural and simple.The village’s integration architectural style with the poetic nature expresses the villagers’ love of beauty and reflects the village’s culture - a pursuit of harmony between human and nature, human and human.You will also enjoy a homemade chinese local food for you lunch. Enjoy a homemade chinese family style lunch which you will never imagine before. Your guide will help you to order the food according to your request.After walking arround 1,5 hours in Chuandixia Village you will know more about chinese ancient dynasty and also chinese culture. You will finish  this one day trip arround 2 PM and you will be drop off at your hotel in Beijing city.

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Cuandixia Old Village Private Day Tour

Your private guide and driver would meet you in hotel lobby. Pick up time : Normally, Pick up at hotel lobby at 7:00 am - 9:00am ( During China National holiday pick up at 6:30- 7:00am ). We could advise reasonable starting time base on your request. MorningIt will take around 2.5 hours driving from hotel to the old village , Cuandixia (Chinese: 爨底下), also spelled Chuandixia, is a historic village dating from the Ming dynasty located in Mentougou District in Beijing, China. It is a popular tourist attraction known for its well preserved courtyard homes.vCuandixia was founded during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) by members of the Han clan who moved from Shanxi Province.Towards the end of the Qing Dynasty Cuandixia prospered from trading in coal, fur, and grain.vCuan (爨) means "kitchen range" in Chinese. In the year 1958, it was simplified as Chuan (in Chinese: 川). The reason why this hamlet this name is that the host would like to be away from chill It is famous because it has a history of 400 years during the Ming Dynasty. At that time, ancestors of this hamlet migrated from Shan Xi, a province is the west of Beijing, to this place. It is a stronghold in the way from Beijing to Shan Xi.The family name of all of the villagers living here is Han, which means that they share the same ancestor. Hundreds of years old, the houses here still maintain the style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Therefore, it is an attractive historical site, where thousands of people come here from its surrounding cities. There are 500 houses left. Stone carving, brick carving, calligraphy, and painting are everywhere. Common figures used are bats,pied magpies, Peonies, waterlilies, etc. Each of them has its typical meaning.We will spend here around 2 hours-3 hours.Lunch, we will have lunch in a local simple restaurant . You would know what is normal food for the village people .After lunch , it will take around 2.5 hours driving back to hotel.