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Of course, such rugged beauty comes at a price. Aysén demands extreme patience with unpredictable weather, obligatory (yet infrequent) ferry crossings and a highway that’s very much a work-in-progress. Swap your lattes for mates and throw any notions of a fixed itinerary out the window, however, and your reward is an end-of-the-world adventure where gauchos outnumber tourists and the only path available is the unbeaten one.

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Puerto Chacabuco to Coyhaique National Reserve Shore Excursion

We start our trip from Puerto Chacabuco and head towards Puerto Aysen, the second largest city in the Aysen region. We will then cross the Aysen River over the Presidente Ibañez Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Chile. Then we drive to the east, along the road that connects Puerto Aysén City and Coyhaique, one of the busiest routes in the region. Along this road we can see the banks of Rio Simpson, surrounded by an evergreen forest along with the beautiful waterfall, Cascada La Virgen.We also visit the Rio Simpson National Reserve museum and observe the flora and fauna. Then we will go to the Coyhaique National Reserve where you take a short walk on the shores of Laguna Verde.We share a delicious picnic with traditional food from the Patagonian region, enjoying a panoramic view of the city of Coyhaique.It is recommended to be prepared for unexpected changes in the weather. Bring rain gear and comfortable shoes for your walks and excursions. Protect yourself from the sun with sunglasses and sunscreen.

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Puerto Chacabuco to Puerto Aysen Private Shore Excursion

Start your trip from Puerto Chacabuco to Puerto Aysén City. You will see major attractions such as the Presidente Ibañez Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in Chile, and the handicraft markets located near the Aysén river. Then continue your trip to dead-water port a small fishing boat terminal. You will also get to see "Los Palos Bridge" which is an old suspension bridge. It is recommended to come prepared for unexpected changes in the weather. Bring rain gear and comfortable shoes for your excursion. Protect yourself from the sun with sunglasses and sunscreen. We Finish the trip in Puerto Chacabuco.

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Marble Chapels at General Carrera Lake Full Day From Coyahique

Depart from Coyhaique very early in the morning to go 223 km. (140 miles) south on the Carretera Austral to the townof Puerto Tranquilo. Throughout the journey you will see beautiful forests of Coigue, Lenga, Ñire and Ciruelillo trees.You’ll pass through iconic landmarks as it is “Chiguay Lagoon”, “The stone of the Count” and the “Ibañez Portezuelo”which has the highest altitude of the whole Carretera Austral (1.000 meters a.s.l). Approaching the Ibañez River, themagnitude of the imposing “Cerro Castillo” will be appreciated and you will pass by the village of Cerro Castillo. All thisarea belongs to the National Park “Cerro Castillo”.Throughout this journey cross a wide valley once half covered by volcanic ash, known as “Bosque Muerto” or deadforest, traces of Hudson Volcano's eruption in 1991, nowadays you’ll notice how nature has given a second chance tothis place. The tour continues to descend through the valley of the Murta River which you may see covered up bycolored cloak in spring due to the local “Lupinus” up to where the General Carrera Lake is born.There will be stops on route to take photos. After about 3½ to 4 hours drive, you will reach Puerto Tranquilo for lunchin a local restaurant. In the afternoon, a short hop takes us to the shores of General Carrera Lake for the boat trip to“Marble Chapels” Sanctuary of Nature.This is a place of unique beauty, where wave action has polished the limestone to form really attractive caves.In the afternoon, return to Coyhaique with a stop in Cerro Castillo town to buy snacks if you desire.

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Full Day Navigation to Marble Chapels (Capillas de Marmol)

Begin your experience with pick up from 6:30am to 7:00am at the lobby of your Hotel located in Coyhaique and prepare for enjoying a local breakfast in the middle of the nature on Cerro Castillo, at approximately 8:30AM. After preparing the energies to continue with our trip, we will be going for taking to the embarkation, making our check-in and we will be sailing approximately at 12:00hrs to the Marble Chapels (approximately 1 hour). Prepare your camera and live this incredible experience full of nature and memorable landscapes, sailing in one of the largest and beautiful lakes of Chile, the Lake General Carrera. Lake with turqousie colors, caves made by marble rock formations eroded by the water, an amazing natural phenomen. Once we return from the navigation, we continue the trip going for taking our traditional chilean lunch on "Cruce Murta", where you will feel how the people of Aysén live, approximately at 14:30hrs. After the tasteful lunch, we will begin our trip back to Coyhaique at 16:00hrs approximately, after discovering the nature of the North Patagonia. We will be making route stops for knowing more of the local history and for enjoying the amazing landscapes from thsi virgin nature , you'll be back to your Hotel in Coyhaique at 21:00hrs approximately.

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Navigation to San Rafael Glacier from Coyhaique

Begin this incredible adventure to the San Rafael Glacier with pick up from 5:30am at the lobby of your Hotel in Coyhaique and then, relax on the vehicle for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, while we arrive to the meeting point. Once we arrive to Puerto Chacabuco, the departure point, you have to make your check-in to embark to the Catamaran. Meanwhile you enjoy the begin of the sailing, the breakfast will be served on board. Set sail at 08:00 AM and become part of an unforgettable journey aboard the catamaran that will take them through islands, channels and Patagonian fjords, which will offer an unimaginable spectacle to the visitor, between the virgin nature and wildlife, finally arriving at the wonderful Laguna San Rafael at 2:00 p.m. During our sailing to the glacier, we can enjoy seeing the San Rafael Lagoon, with floating icebergs and the "Ventisquero" with its constant and thunderous icefalls of thousands of years, are the main attraction of the route. This navigation include the necessary for being prepared for the adventure, so, let's enjoy a local lunch served on the catamaran. Once we arrive to the glacier, let's get on our zodiac boat for getting closer to the San Rafael Glacier, the expected encounter with this millenial natural attraction, with numerous icebergs floating around you. Enjoy this memorable moment and when we return to the catamaran, enjoy an exquisite Whiskey with millenary ice with more than 20,000 years old. The time here will be approximately between 02 to 03 hours and then, we start our trip back to Puerto Chacabuco. The stay will be between 02 and 03 hours to begin the return to Puerto Chacabuco. Let's celebrate this incredible experience with an open bar and snacks, menawhile we are on our trip back. We will arrive at approximately 8:30 p.m and then, we have to disembark the catamaran for taking our transfer back from Puerto Chacabuco to your Hotel located in Coyhaique, this transfer takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes so you'll be arriving at 22:00hrs (always depending on the arriving of the navigation to Puerto Chacabuco).


South America Cruise - Ushuaia to Cartagena

The western coast of South America is stunning, as the landscape changes drastically from region to region. This 38-day cruise will find you exploring the best of the west coast aboard the G Expedition. Begin this incredible journey at the end of the earth in Ushuaia where you’ll sail north through incredible fjords and past glaciers before heading on up to the Caribbean coast in search of tropical islands hugged by turquoise waters. Everything South America is here: explore Machu Picchu, get lost inside the Darien Jungle, ride through the Panama Canal, and loads more. Prepare yourself for an adventure that will leave you with moments you’ll cherish forever.

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