Welcome to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Don't bypass the bustling capital, the port of Santa Cruz, in your haste to reach the beaches. This good looking and wholly Spanish city is home to evocative, brightly painted buildings, sophisticated and quirky shops, excellent museums, a showstopping auditorium, and a tropical oasis of birdsong, fountains and greenery in the city park. It also has a good range of quality accommodation and restaurants, plus an... Read More

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife adventures

$283.65 Water sports

PADI Night Dive Specialty in Tenerife

The sun sets, you don your dive gear, slip on your scuba mask and bite down on your dive regulator. A deep breath and you slip off the boat – into the underwater night. Although you’ve seen this reef many times before, this time you drop into a whole new world and watch it come to life under the glow of your dive light.

$283.65 Water sports

PADI Deep Diving Specialty Session in Tenerife

After your first few scuba dives, you soon want to explore a bit deeper. There’s something exciting and mysterious about the depth that attracts divers. Learn the best techniques for going deep below the surface with this activity.

$315.16 Water sports

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course in Tenerife

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you get more out of diving by introducing you to new types of scuba diving adventures. It’s a great opportunity to work with one of our instructors, at Mermaid Diving, to build your scuba diving skills and gain more confidence. One reason you’ll love the Advanced Open Water Diver course is that you and your instructor choose from 15 types of Adventure Dives to complete your course. You can try your hand at digital underwater photography, wreck diving, night diving, diving with underwater scooters, peak performance buoyancy and much more.

$371.44 Water sports

PADI Rescue Diver Course in Tenerife

Want a“Challenging” and “Rewarding” Course? This is the best way to describe the PADI Rescue Diver course. With Mermaid Diving you will be building upon what you’ve already learned, this course expands on what you already know about how to prevent problems, and how to manage them if they occur. The fun part about this course is rising to challenges and mastering them. Most divers find this course both demanding and rewarding, and at the end, say it’s the best course they’ve ever taken.