Playa de Santa Cruz de La Palma

Santa Cruz de la Palma

With boardwalks to protect your feet from the scorching sand, this superb, huge and very deep black-sand beach is quite a sight, stretching along much of Avenida Marítima and luring beach-seekers from far and wide.

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1. Ayuntamiento

0.16 MILES

Wander north along Calle O’Daly and you’ll come to the irregularly shaped, palm-shaded Plaza de España, to the south of which sits the grand and imposing…

2. Plaza de España

0.16 MILES

This delightful, irregularly shaped square hosts buildings that are considered the most perfect exemplars of Renaissance architecture in the Canary…

3. Ermita de San José

0.16 MILES

A simple whitewashed 17th-century chapel that gives the name to the street on which it stands.

4. Iglesia del Salvador

0.16 MILES

The interior of this magnificent church boasts a glittering baroque pulpit dating back to 1750 and a stunningly intricate and coloured 16th-century wooden…

5. Museo Insular

0.19 MILES

This excellent museum is housed in a former 16th-century monastery with diverse exhibits ranging from Guanche skulls to cupboards of sad stuffed birds,…

6. Ermita de San Sebastián

0.21 MILES

This small and tranquil chapel, centrally located in the Plaza de San Sebastián behind the Iglesia de San Salvador, is generally closed to the public.

8. Castillo de Santa Catalina

0.22 MILES

At the northern end of the seafront, the Castillo de Santa Catalina was one of several forts built in the 17th century to fend off pirate raids. Named…