Granville Island Public Market

Top choice market

in Yaletown & Granville Island
Image by James Wheeler / 500px Images
Image by James Wheeler / 500px Images

Granville Island's highlight is the covered Public Market, a multisensory smorgasbord of fish, cheese, fruit, teas and bakery treats (near-legendary Lee's Donuts included). Pick up some fixings for a picnic at nearby Vanier Park or hit the market's international food court (dine off-peak and you're more likely to snag a table). It's not all about food; there are often stands here hawking all manner of arts and crafts, from filigree jewelry to knitted baby hats.

Visiting culinary fans should also consider one of the taste-tripping guided wanders around and beyond the market (adult/child $70/60); they're hosted by Vancouver Foodie Tours.