Burrard Bridge

Bridge in Kitsilano & University of British Columbia

Lions Gate Bridge gets all the kudos and much of the postcard space, but that's arguably due to being bookended by Stanley Park and the looming mountains. For many, the hulking green construction itself is not nearly as picturesque as the elegant Burrard Bridge that spans False Creek. Built to link downtown to Kitsilano and crammed with art-deco flourishes – torch-like lamps at either end, a jutting ship's-prow motif signifying the region's seafaring heritage – the yellow-painted lovely was opened in 1932.

The inauguration wasn't just a simple ribbon-cutting affair. Instead, a Royal Canadian Airforce seaplane was flown under the bridge deck to kick things off in a rather nail-biting fashion. Perhaps there'll be an attempt to recreate the festive spectacle for the centenary in a few years time. Or perhaps not.