Church of the Holy Trinity

Church in Downtown Yonge

Tucked away behind the west side of the gargantuan Eaton Centre is the oasis-like Trinity Sq, named after the welcoming Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity. When it opened in 1847, it was the first church in Toronto not to charge parishioners for pews. Today, it's notable for welcoming same-sex marriage ceremonies and is a cross between a house of worship, a small concert venue and a community drop-in center – everything a downtown church should be!

Of particular note, the labyrinth outside the church is of similar design to the one found in Chartres Cathedral in France. Of ancient origins, a labyrinth is a constrained unicursal pattern with a single winding pathway to its central rosette, regarded as a place for prayer and reflection. Its length is deceptive – it takes about 20 minutes to walk in and back out, in silence – a kind of ambulatory meditation in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.