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For more grit, stop in the thriving university centers of Guelph, Waterloo and London, each with their own appeal if you dig deep. Nearby Stratford, birthplace of Justin Bieber and yet a remarkably cultured country town, is home to the penultimate festival of Shakespearean theater in honor of the bard’s home in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

From here, you can head northwest until the farmlands dissolve into the sandy shores of Lake Huron, or follow the dead-flat fields of gold – wheat, corn and everything-growing regions – until you reach the north shore of Lake Erie and quirky Pelee Island, Canada's southernmost point. The end (or beginning) of the road is in Windsor at the USA border.

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Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt - Windsor, ON

Using your smartphone, you'll be given nearly 150 objects to find during your scavenger hunt. You'll then wander throughout the downtown area searching for the items. Once you've found the object, you'll send a photo in to score points. Along the way, you will perform challenges and answer trivia questions from your remote guide for even more points.You'll have 15+ categories of objects you can find in this city walk, with each object varying in points depending on the difficulty. Don't worry, you won't be alone. You'll have a remote guide that will be texting you during your game if you need help or have a question. They will also encourage you and give bonus points at the end depending on how funny or creative your photos are!The objective of the game is to have fun, rank #1 on the leaderboard, and try to get as many points as possible by finding all of the objects! 

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Zombie Scavengers Game - Windsor, ON

This outdoor activity takes place in the downtown or metropolitan area of your city. Using a smartphone, you will download an app to help you play the game. You will also be texting with a remote survival guide for 2 hours while you play the game. You'll be given a list of items on the app. You will need to walk around the area and find these items around the city and take a photo through the app to get points. You'll be able to see the "rival colonies" on the app and see how your survival rate compares to theirs based on the number of points you have. Your team will also be given challenges or trivia questions. You will be rewarded with virtual weapons to ward off the zombies and rival colonies once you complete the challenges or trivia questions.

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