Boise du Quai

Baie St Paul

If you want a walk in the woods without leaving town, consider the Boise du Quai, a small, forested, riverside park that's perfect for a quiet stroll. The welcome center for the forest is Habitat 07, which sounds like a sci-fi novella and about lives up to said name: it's a cool combination of rustic and green-inspired architecture, all warm wood colors, big windows and natural light.

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2. Carrefour Culturel Paul Médéric


In this art centre, named after a local priest and writer who founded a youth movement here, several galleries show works by artists from around the…

3. Omerto

4.04 MILES

Tomato wine? Yes, really. This family run winery in the hills above Baie St Paul produces a dry aperitif wine, an almost cognac-like wine aged in acacia…

4. Cidrerie et Vergers Pedneault

5.42 MILES

This cider-maker produces several varieties of still and sparkling cider as well as apple spirits and a tasty apple ice wine, all made from island-grown…

5. Les Moulins

5.84 MILES

Économusée Les Moulins has two restored 19th-century mills and exhibits showing how wheat and buckwheat were once ground using grindstones.

6. Musée Maritime de Charlevoix

6.34 MILES

Before boarding the ferry on the mainland in St-Joseph-de-la-Rive, drop into Musée Maritime. It details the schooner-building history of a region where it…

7. Emu Charlevoix

8.88 MILES

You might think you'd have to travel to Australia to spot emus, but this farm raises the tall flightless birds here in Charlevoix, partly for their meat,…

8. Maison du Bootlegger

18.36 MILES

This unexpected venue in a conventional-looking 19th-century farmhouse was surreptitiously modified by an American bootlegger during the Prohibition…