Québec City

Traditionally a working-class district for factory and navy employees, St-Roch has been slowly gentrifying over the past decade or so. On the main artery, Rue St-Joseph, spiffy restaurants and bars have sprung up among the junk shops and secondhand clothing stores. Private art galleries are also found here and along Rue St-Vallier Est.

Walking down Côte Ste-Geneviève in St-Jean-Baptiste, you will come to a steep staircase called Escalier de la Chapelle, which will take you down to St-Roch.

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1. Église St-Roch

0.04 MILES

Measuring over 80m long, 34m wide and 46m high (including the steeples), St-Roch is the largest church in Québec City and can seat 1250 people. Begun in…

2. St-Jean-Baptiste

0.36 MILES

Strolling along Rue St-Jean is a great way to feel the pulse of this bohemian district. The first thing that strikes you, once you've recovered from…

3. Église St-Jean-Baptiste

0.36 MILES

This colossus, named after the patron saint of French Canada, completely dominates the southwest end of Rue St-Jean. The first church was built in 1842…

5. Martello Tower 4

0.41 MILES

Martello Tower 4, which is never open to the public, is in the St-Jean Baptiste district perched on Rue Lavigueur between Rue Félix-Gabriel-Marchand and…

7. Artillery Park

0.49 MILES

Part of the Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site and open in summer, this park along the Old Upper Town walls was chosen as the site for 18th…

8. Porte St-Jean

0.51 MILES

Northernmost of the Old City's three main town gates, 'St John's Gate' was originally built in 1693 but replaced with this one in 1940.