Must-see attractions in Ottawa

  • Ottawa, Canada - September 17, 2017:  Maman (1999) is a bronze, stainless steel, and marble sculpture by the artist Louise Bourgeois.  It is in front of The National Gallery of Canada, located in the capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, is one of Canada's premier art galleries.

    National Gallery of Canada


    The National Gallery is a work of art in itself: its striking ensemble of pink granite and glass spires echoes the ornate copper-topped towers of the…

  • (GERMANY OUT) Hull: Canadian Museum of Civilisation(Außensicht)- 1996 col (Photo by Merten/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

    Canadian Museum of History


    Allow plenty of time to experience this high-tech, must-see museum across the river, in Hull, Québec. Documenting the history of Canada through a range of…

  • Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario

    Canadian War Museum


    Fascinating displays twist through the labyrinthine interior of this sculpture-like, modern museum, tracing Canada's military history with the nation's…

  • The Golden Parliament hill

    Parliament Hill


    Vast, yawning archways, copper-topped turrets and Gothic-Revival gargoyles dominate the facade of the stunning lime-and-sandstone parliament buildings…

  • Dinosaur exhibits at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

    Canadian Museum of Nature


    This imposing baronial building houses one of the world's best natural history collections, which the vast museum brings to life with modern and…

  • Notre Dame Cathedral-Basilica


    Built in the 1840s, this shimmering tin-topped house of worship is the oldest church in all of Ottawa and the seat of the city's Roman Catholic archbishop…

  • Laurier House National Historic Site


    This copper-roofed Victorian home built in 1878 was the residence of two notable prime ministers: Wilfrid Laurier and the eccentric Mackenzie King. The…

  • Ottawa Locks


    The series of steep, step-like locks between the Château Laurier and Parliament Hill marks the north end of the 200km Rideau Canal, which flows all the…

  • Rideau Hall


    Home of the Governor General, Rideau Hall was built in the 1830s with grand additions made by successive governors. There are free 45-minute walking tours…

  • Canada Agriculture & Food Museum


    Nope, the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum isn’t about the history of the pitchfork – it’s a fascinating experimental farm. The government-owned…

  • RCMP Musical Ride Centre


    While the name sounds like Disney's newest attraction starring chipper red-jacketed policemen, the Musical Ride Centre is actually the stage where the…

  • Canada Science & Technology Museum


    The newly renovated science and technology museum reopened in late 2017, expanding its educational and fun exhibits, which both adults and children will…

  • Bytown Museum


    Descend the stairs alongside the Ottawa Locks on Wellington St to find the Bytown Museum, sitting at the last lock before the artificial canal plunges…

  • Supreme Court of Canada


    This intimidating structure strikes an intriguing architectural balance between its modern concrete shell and its traditional copper roof. Visitors can…

  • Senate of Canada


    As part of the ongoing renovations on Parliament Hill, the Senate has permanently moved across the street into Ottawa's old train station. Tours last…

  • Canada Aviation & Space Museum


    With around 120 aircraft housed in this mammoth steel hangar about 5km northeast of downtown, you could be forgiven for thinking you were at the airport…

  • Royal Canadian Mint


    Although Canada's circulation-coin mint is in Winnipeg, the royal mint holds its own by striking special pieces. The imposing stone building, which looks…

  • Library & National Archives of Canada


    The mandate of this monstrous concrete institution is to collect and preserve the documentation of Canada. Behind the tiny checkered windows lies a vast…

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