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Modern-day Canada's first capital, albeit only for three years, Kingston was stripped of the title when Queen Victoria worried that it was too close to the American border and could not be properly defended. Today, the pretty city finds itself strategically placed as the perfect pit stop between Montréal or Ottawa and Toronto.

Often called the 'Limestone City,' Kingston is stocked with clunky halls of hand-cut stone and prim Victorian mansions. A noticeable lack of modern architecture helps to maintain the historical charm. Added to the slew of interesting museums and historical sites are the pretty waterfront location and vibrant, colorful gardens.

Founded in 1841, the same year as Kingston was proclaimed capital, Queen's University adds a dash of hot-blooded youthfulness to the mix. An assortment of great dining options, some with student-friendly prices, and a crankin' nightlife round out the package.

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