CA Pippy Park

St John's

The feature-filled 13-sq-km CA Pippy Park coats downtown's northwestern edge. Recreational facilities include walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, a golf course and a campground. Memorial University, the province's only university, is here too. The university's botanical garden is at Oxen Pond, at the park's western edge off Mt Scio Rd.

Cultivated areas and a nature reserve fill the botanical landscape. Together, these and the park's Long Pond marsh give visitors an excellent introduction to Newfoundland's flora, habitats (including boreal forest and bogs) and animals (look for birds at Long Pond and the occasional moose). Take the 3km Long Pond Walk for the full effect.

The Fluvarium, a glass-sided cross-section of a 'living' river, is located across the street from the campground.

To get here from downtown, take Bonaventure Ave north to Allandale Rd and follow the signs; it's about 2km.

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